IoT Innovation Challenge 2016

Prototype Demonstration Round – Update

Prototype Demonstration Round schedule development is still in progress. There has been multiple requests to postpone the round from this week due to examination schedule of several participants. Please await detailed information on this site as well as through individual emails. Till then, have a nice time and strengthen the solution to make it truly remarkable!

Prototype Demonstration Round

Detailed schedule for the pre-final round is being finalised. Based on the request of several selected team members going through their exams, the dates will be between 7-Sep and 10-Sep. Top 5 teams from this round will go to the final round to be held during the first week of October 2016. Top 3 winning…

A truly great pitch should be honest and clear, of course, but it should also be special. Whether it’s funny or scary or moving, it should make everyone take notice. It should give you goosebumps every time you pitch.

Extension of Deadline: Innovation Pitch

The deadline for uploading the pitches for Round 01 is extended to 04-Aug-2016 5:00 pm IST. If you have already uploaded the pitch, you can revise/update the same, before the deadline. Please make sure that all members are included in the group and approved by the Faculty/Guide. If you find any difficulty in completing the process,…